Capt. Bill’s Corner

This is my favorite time of the year to fish, we don’t have big crowds of people on the water like we do during the summer and the fish are schooled up.

Big trout can be found around rock piles and the ends of deeper docks during the last of the incoming tide and the first of the outgoing.

Lipped diving lures like the Mirrolure “L30” as well as Paul Brown’s “Fat Boy” and “Devil” are doing a great job of bringing in these beautiful fish.

Also don’t overlook the almost unbeatable Live shrimp under a popping cork, toss it out and give it a good click every 15 seconds or so to call the fish over to your line.

I’m finding slot Redfish back in the creeks around oyster bars that still have 2 to 3 feet of water at the bottom of the tide.

These fish are very happy to eat a mudminnow on a jig head or a slowly moving paddle tail.

Saltwater Assassin’s “chicken on a chain” has been my goto over the last couple weeks.

It may be a little chilly, but it’s amazing how quickly you warm up when you get on that hot bite.

Good Luck and Take care,

Capt. Bill

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