Tips & Specials


Even though Florida winters are mild compared to other parts of the country, trailers still need winter care. Often attention is centered on making sure the boat is safely taken care of but unfortunately, many fail to provide the same love to their trailers.  Here are some tips if you plan to store your trailer for any period of time.

  • The best start is to thoroughly wash your trailer with a mild soap.  Remove any bits of dirt, grime and SALT before storage. This actually should be done after every use.  Florida salt water can quickly reduce trailer life.
  • If you boat remains on the trailer during storage, fill the boat tank to give you a better gauge of tire pressure. 
  • Refer to the tire’s sidewall for proper air pressure and do not over inflate the tires.
  • If you store the trailer outdoors, it is a good idea to cover the tires and wheels.  It may be cool outside but Florida sun exposure can still have an effect on reducing tire life.
  • Inspect and torque lug nuts to manufacturer’s specifications. Use a lubricant such as Fluid Film to prevent corrosion.
  • Cover your winch. Water and rust can build quickly in the gears.

November and December Christmas Specials

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