Capt. Bill’s Corner

This issue of Capt. Bill’s Corner is titled “Spring Fever”

It’s hard not to get excited when we have more warm days than cold, the water temperature is around 70-degrees, and the time change is here.  What more can we ask for?

Big Trout are readily taking topwater lures and minnow imitating crank baits early morning and late afternoon.

Look for “Rocks and Docks” close to drop offs. A few twitches followed by a pause normally gets the job done.

My favorite topwater is a bone colored Skitter walk with a “Walk the Dog” style retrieve, and it’s hard to beat a Mirrolure 17MR.

Delicious Sheepshead are more than willing to eat a fiddler dropped next to a dock pilling or jetty. Put the crab on a jig head and drop it down on a tight line using a slow “yo yo” technique until you feel the weight of dinner on the line. I don’t set the hook so much as using more of a continued lifting action to drive the hook home.

Let’s not forget our friends the Redfish, you find them crawling around shallow creeks, where several different baits will trigger a strike, I have been having good success with a slow retrieved spinnerbait or a paddle tail that has some gold coloring or gold specks in it.

Don’t talk about going fishing, get out there and do it!

Good Luck and Take care,
Capt. Bill
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